Hornet Pride Summer Strength & Conditioning

Summer 2019 Hornet Pride

The Hornet Pride Summer Program is a weight and speed development program sponsored by the Athletic Staff. This program is designed to increase speed, strength, agility and flexibility. It has a proven track record that involves weight training, form running, agility, plyometrics, aerobics and flexibility training.  The athlete can and should expect improvement in each of these areas and in overall conditioning.

High School Athletes (Grades 9-12) – Free!
Middle School Athletes (Grades 6-8) – $25
Youth Athletes (Grades 2-5)- $50
Alumni/District Staff-  $30 (add $20 for childcare during this session)

At the Valley Center high school weight room, gyms, and practice fields.

Any Athlete, male or female, 2nd grade and up who wants to improve
their physical abilities through hard work and dedication while having fun.
Any adult with a district staff member or alumni of VCHS.
The HORNET Pride program starts June 10th and continues through August 1st.  It is a 4 day program for high school athletes, 3 day program for middle school athletes and a 2 day program for youth athletes.  The adult program also runs on a 3 day schedule. We have a “4th of July Break” from June 28th to July 7th, and “Fall Sports Camp Week” from July 8th-12th.  No Hornet Pride sessions during those dates.





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If you are enrolled in a session that needs to pay for Hornet Pride, you will be prompted to secure online payment instructions after registering which is the PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT. After submitting the form you will be taken to a secure payment page which you can pay with PayPal OR Card.

Other forms of payment include Cash/ Checks made out to “VC Strength” and Athlete’s name included in the memo. These forms of payment can be delivered on day 1 of Hornet Pride.


Summer 2019 Hornet Pride

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  • Parent Permission: My child, Has my permission to participate in The HORNET Pride Summer Program. I understand that my child will participate in activities that may involve physical contact with the ground and/or other people. I understand that there is no insurance carried by The Hornet Summer Program and I hereby release the instructors, program and school system from any and all claims and/or financial responsibilities which my child may sustain at or traveling to and/or from The HORNET SUMMER PROGRAM.    In the event of an emergency in which my child requires medical attention, I authorize the staff  to act for me and to obtain whatever medical treatment the staff deems necessary. I further agree to be responsible for any medical and/or other charges in conjunction with his participation at The HORNET SUMMER PROGRAM.   If my child has any restrictions, physical limitations or impairments of which the coaches need to be advised I have listed them above.

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