Hornets News · VC Band Performs Well

The Valley Center High School Concert band group performed well during their competition concert. Due to current restrictions they were not able to travel to competitions and instead they had to record their music pieces and send them in to be judged.
In previous years the High School Band would meet as one large group during school. However, due to the administrators wanting to reduce large classes, the band that would normally congregate in a 100-150 person class were split into 3 band hours. Additionally, due to the hybrid learning mode each one of those 3 bands were split into an A and B group.
Despite the challenges, the 3 bands all had the chance to come together to preform the music pieces they had been practicing as a larger group in the schools auditorium. With the lights, microphones, and camera all pointed directly at them they were able to produce the music pieces to the best of their abilities. The band students moved from playing on zoom video calls to performing at the highest level while representing the Valley Center High School and the USD 262 School District well.


– Dominic Santiago (Journalism Club)