Hornets News · Varsity Tennis at Emporia on 4/3/21

Team Scores: Blue Valley Northwest 59, Blue Valley 49, Lawrence Free State 40, Andover 37, Valley Center 26, Emporia 18

Singles: Dominic Santiago – lost to Jared Loos LFS 0-8, defeated Cooper Watkins VC 8-2, defeated George Schulte AND 8-4, lost to Owen Thompson LFS 4-8; 10th place

Cooper Watkins – lost to Brent Fallon BVNW 0-8, lost to Santiago VC 2-8, lost to Kalyaun Yao BV 1-8, lost to Kyler Palmer VC 4-8; 16th place

Kyler Palmer – lost to Paul Jittawait AND 2-8, lost to Naveen Kodwani BVNW 1-8, lost to Robbie Clausel VC 6-8, defeated Watkins VC 8-4; 15th place

Robbie Clausel – lost to Evan Myers BV 0-8, lost to Owen Thompson LFS 0-8, defeated Palmer VC 8-6, lost to Kalyaun Yao BV 4-8; 14th place

Doubles: Braden Maltz/Matt Allbritten – lost to Melvin/Thornton LFS 4-8, lost to Guion/Davis EMP 4-8, defeated Kiekbusch/Tieves BV 8-4, lost to Rasmussen/McGuire LFS 5-8; 14th place

Logan Dean/Aydin Lewis – defeated Guion/Davis EMP 8-5, lost to Melvin/Thornton LFS 4-8, defeated Schaffer/Benjamin AND 8-4, lost to Perkins/Braun BV 2-8; 6th place

Arec Jayne/Aiden Jones – lost to Moorman/Kienholz EMP 2-8, lost to Hedges/Vu LFS 2-8, lost to  Rasmussen/McGuire LFS 5-8, lost to Kiekbusch/Tieves BV 2-8; 16th place