Hornets News · VCHS Student takes 3rd Overall Place in National Competition, 1st Place “Best in Class” Award

VCHS Student takes 3rd Overall Place in National Competition, 1st Place “Best in Class” Award

Valley Center High School student, Margaret Weihe, is able to shed some positive light during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. Though the new online continuous learning platform has taken away many opportunities from students and teachers, that didn’t stop one VCHS teacher from exploring the possibilities. Michael Moseley, a business teacher at the high school, challenged his students to compete in a virtual business competition, a venture he believes helps students break down the walls of a classroom and recognize their full potential.

“Throughout the entire year, I’ve tried to stress to my students that their learning doesn’t have to be contained within the educational environment,” says Mr. Moseley. “From touring businesses, learning about their operations, to engaging with business professionals at networking events, I want students to have the chance to see how what they are learning in my classroom plays out in the real world.”

One way students are accomplishing this feat is through The Big Idea, a virtual business plan pitch competition presented by Youth Entrepreneurs and sponsored by BKD CPAs & Advisors. The competition, which included students from around the nation, challenges young aspiring entrepreneurs with the task of developing a new business idea. Students present their proposed business in a 3 minute video pitch and can provide additional information in a 1-3 page supporting document. Six different categories, ranging from non-profits to inventions, are available for pitch submissions.

“Although I recognized the magnitude of a competition like this, I had seen the amazing work of my students and felt confident they could contend with the best. Their potential is limitless,” Mr. Moseley brags of his students’ abilities.

It would appear that their potential is already starting to take form as two students from Mr. Moseley’s Entrepreneurship course, Margaret and fellow classmate Ray Flora, made it into the Top 25.

“I was overtaken with excitement when I heard that both Margaret and Ray landed themselves into the top 25,” recounts Mr. Moseley. “I wasn’t the least bit surprised though. They both put in a lot of hard work and passion into producing a quality pitch. The anticipation of awaiting the final results being revealed was agonizing.”

When the final results were revealed on Monday, the agony was replaced with joyfulness and pride. Margaret was awarded 3rd place overall for her business idea “The All-Sports Shoe” and took the Best in Class award for Best Product, which comes with a $2,500.00 cash prize. While Margaret feels that the greatest benefit from the project is the skills and knowledge she gained, the extra money is nice as well.

“I couldn’t be more proud of her,” states Mr. Moseley. “From qualifying for DECA International Competition to winning this award, she’s really demonstrated an aptitude for business and a drive to be successful.”

“And to think, she’s only a freshman,” Mr. Moseley jokes.


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