Hornets News · Hornets fall to Mavericks 6-0

Hornets start off strong defensively right off the kick off but Mavericks still maintains possession majority of the first half. Hornets give up a goal early in the first half, Mavericks 1-0 against the Hornets. Hornets with a couple shots on goal in the first half but struggle to put them away. Hornets struggle to clear the ball late in the first half and Mavericks put it away to make it 2-0. Mavericks lead 2-0 going into halftime. Hornets battling to keep the ball out of their defensive half but Mavericks are maintaining most of their possession in Hornets final third. Mavericks finds the back of the net early in the 2nd half to make it 3-0. Mavericks not shortly after finishes another to make it 4-0. Hornets with a couple of good build ups but struggle to challenge the Mavericks keeper. Mavericks on a combination past the Hornets defense line to make it 5-0. Mavericks with another counter attack against the Hornets yo make it 6-0. Mavericks defeat the Hornets 6-0. Hornets next game is Thursday at Campus.


JV lose 5-0 against the Mavericks