Hornets News · 10/7 VCMS Volleyball Dual vs. Newton

23-25 24-26 L
The scores reflect how we fought. There were just times when if we would have fought harder from the beginning, we wouldn’t have even been that close. Simple communication errors were our downfall tonight. The first set we were down 0-6 and got within one point. Then down again 10-16 and got within one point again. We have moments of great drive, determination, and smart plays that just get followed by lack of effort and communication.
Some bright spots were Mya Glover’s well-timed cross court hits and Carson Holdaway’s great blocking at the net. Hayley Hayen came back after a couple weeks off (due to an injury) and did a great job picking up where she left off.
written by Coach Kyrie Edwards

24-26, 14-25 L
The Hornets came out with great energy and drive in the first game against Newton. As a team they only missed 1 serve! Kaylee Doss provided 7 serves that got the team back into striking distance. Kamryn Spall had some good hits as well as Arien Webb providing a couple from the back row. I loved the intensity of the team as they fought to the end. Miscommunication on the last point lead to the fall of the first game. The second game did not fair as well as the first. We were not talking and our feet were not ready to move to the ball. As a team they served 11 out of 14 with Devyn Belcher leading the way with 4 out of 4. The team has 2 nights of play left. Hopefully the next 2 nights will lead to a better outcome and more communication.
written by Coach JoAnn Owens

21-25, 25-15, 17-15 W
This match was a battle. I felt the total team effort in this win. Breeleigh Jones had some monster hits and a nice block, Teagan Canady served beautifully. London Wilson was all over the back row making hustle plays. Chalyn Boone made excellent adjustments, and Ava Jacquez and Kaleigh King had some well placed hits at the net. Quinn Fehrenbach made smart tipping decisions, and Lauren Jones came in with great clutch serves at the end of game 3. Communication, teamwork, and intensity were huge factors in our win.
written by Coach Melissa Fehrenbach

25-13 25-19 W
The girls played consistently tonight. They served well and got themselves out of some tough serve receives when it mattered. Giselle Enriquez had some awesome plays at the net and served extremely well. In the back row, Addyson Nash has some great hustle plays and really passed well out of serve receive. It’s been exciting watching this team come into its own.
written by Coach Courtney Fields