Hornets News · Varsity Golf Regional at Hays

The Varsity Golf team traveled to Hays to compete at Smoky Hills Country Club on Monday, May 13th. The boys had a practice round on Sunday to get familiar with the course and map out their shots for each hole. Mason Hamm started off on hole 10 at 9:00, followed by Caleb Fisher at 9:10, Ben Warner at 9:20, Hudson Brown at 9:30, and Konnor Brown at 9:50. Mason was +11 on the back 9 with a 46, finishing with a 98,+27, 29th place and finishing 8 strokes shy of making his first trip to State in Dodge City. Overall, Mason played bogey golf and tripped up on one hole that beat him up pretty good. Caleb Fisher shot a 114 +43 and started off rough with a 10 on his first hole but recovered with 2 pars on the following two holes. His struggle was keeping the ball straight off the tee which made him have to play catch up. Ben Warner shot a 118, +47 hit the ball long off the tee and had some good approach shots but struggled with club selection and playing safe which hurt his lie on most shots. Hudson shot a 135, +64 and Konnor shot a 143, +72 both struggled with longer holes and shot placement which made this course a very hard task for them. The course was a very difficult course if you didn’t play safe and some shots we had were frustration shots which made for an even worse 2nd and 3rd shot. This group of boys was a very good group to coach. They improved, they showed grit and showed flashes of what next years success will give us.