Hornets News · League Track Meet

On Friday, May 10th the VCHS track team competed in the AVCTL II track meet at Goddard. Complete meet results can be found at: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Goddard_Schools/AVCTL_Division_II_League_Track_Meet/

Here are some highlights from the meet:


Dale Hatfield, discus 4th

Kyler Meyer, triple jump 3rd

Zach Williams, long jump 2nd

Jacob Lehman, pole vault 5th

Kyler Meyer, high jump 3rd

Zach Williams, 110m hurdles 1st

Larry Wilson, 100m 1st

4×100 (Glidewell, Fields, Williams, Wilson) 1st

Max Fields, 400m 2nd

Kyler Meyer, 300m hurdles 2nd

Larry Wilson, 200m 1st


Libby Schurle, javelin 1st

Libby Schurle, discus 2nd

Kenisa Meyer, long jump 3rd

Ali Burke, pole vault 1st

Whitney Quandt, pole vault 2nd

Madison Morisset, pole vault 5th

4×800 (Hill, Breth, Ranzau, Hoddy) 4th

Kenisa Meyer, 100m hurdles 3rd

Ali Burke, 100m 1st

Sarah Schaar, 1600m 2nd

4×100 (Burke, Meyer, Smith, McDonald) 1st

Kenisa Meyer, 300m hurdles 3rd

Jalea Hoddy, 800m 4th

Ali Burke, 200m 3rd

Sarah Schaar, 3200m 1st