Hornets News · State Tennis Today

TOPEKA–(Caleb Rose, Journalism Club) Consistency. Chemistry. Culture.  The Boy’s Tennis Team has made huge strides recently including winning the first Men’s State title in Valley Center History, but what’s the secret behind their success? Hayden Brauer and Colby Swift are the only ones remaining in Hornet Tennis this year as they traveled to compete in state, and after helping hoist the State Champs trophy last year, they’re pretty confident. One of the things that makes this duo so unstoppable is their relationship on and off the court. “We have great team chemistry and are always helping each other to do better” said Hayden.  As a duo with so much skill, this is what makes them almost unstoppable. Coach Dean Schultz agrees: “Hayden and Colby have a great relationship as a doubles team. Each understands the role they have to be successful”. Athletic Director Caleb Smith appreciates their leadership as well. After taking first at 5A regionals, this “proves again that “Colby and Hayden have left themselves quite the legacy…I also appreciate their leadership within our school and our athletic department.” Today, Friday May 10th, Colby and Hayden will be competing in state tennis and look to dominate again this year. It starts at 10:30 in Topeka and we will keep scores posted on Hornet Studios and VC Athletics via twitter.  Best of luck to Colby Swift and Hayden Brauer!