Hornets News · Varsity Golf Finish League Play at Winfield

With weather behind us and weather coming towards us, the Varsity Golf Team met Andover, Andover Central, Goddard, Eisenhower, Maize South and Ark City to take on the 2019 League tournament. Moved up an hour, to avoid running into even more bad weather, the golfers were eventually pulled off the course twice due to lightning in the area. They returned but most only finished 15 holes. The scores were then decided by how many strokes above/below par each golfer was on the 15 holes from their starting hole. The rain and storms moved in and surrounded Winfield Country Club and we we exited pretty quickly afterwards to avoid any further threat. The players had some good holes but struggled with the course being so wet. Regional play begins Monday the 13th at Smoky Hills Country Club in Hays.