Hornets News · Hornet Studios Video Board Takeover

PARK CITY— (Journalism Club Staff) This fall Athletic Director Caleb Smith was notified about an opportunity for Hornet Studios. KSHSAA and Hartman Arena were looking for help. Would Hornet Studios be willing to work the video board at Hartman Arena? Last winter Valley Center hosted the 5A Super-Regional. Hornet Studios provided 4-mat high definition coverage with 5 cameras and great production value.  With that coverage, and the close proximity of State Wrestling to VC, it was a perfect match for Hornet Studios.
This weekend Hornet Studios is providing scoreboard updates, free photo servicing, and highlight videos for everyone in attendance with availability for coaches after the event to view their athletes. A great experience for the program and a great service for those in attendance.

Caleb Rose, Dominic Santiago, and Lucas Hunter have enjoyed their time contributing to the event. “It’s been stressful but fun, an interesting experience  to learn about wrestling while also providing a service”- Lucas Hunter (Sr)

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments and we look forward to doing it again next year” – Dominic Santiago (So)

What’s next for Hornet Studios? “We are really looking forward to live streaming at Kaufman Stadium”- Caleb Rose (So)

Hornet Studios will be ready.