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Science Club

Loud explosions, flashes of fire and beakers of color-changing liquids have a few things in common. They’re all the result of chemical reactions, and they’re all part of the show for Valley Center High School’s Science Club.

The extracurricular group stages educational science demonstrations with the finesse of a magic show, except they reveal how they do their tricks. Sometimes the shows will be themed and some shows will be geared toward the audience’s age.

Most of the demonstrations in a show feature chemistry, but physics comes into play, too. A performance isn’t like your typical chemistry classroom, mood music can swing from the Peanuts theme to the Austin Powers signature tune, and the performers work the science into a skit.

Students do the work, the sponsor helps as needed. The club is open to Juniors and Seniors who have had at least one year of Chemistry and the joiner fee is $10. The club fee will help purchase supplies for the demonstration shows.