Hornets News · About Drama Club

Description of Drama Club; Drama Club and Thespian Troupe #522 are committed to promoting and supporting the drama productions at the high school while providing social activities for students to take part in throughout the school year. Thespian Troupe #522 is a part of the Educational Theatre Association and is honor society for high school theatre students.

Club Officers: President: Edie Reese, Vice President: Chris Paul, Secretary: Jaqueline Toews, Treasurer: Peyton Smith, Historian: Jeannie Qualls, Marketing: Ashlyn Mirwald, Major Activities and Fundraisers

Major Activities or fundraisers: Fall Haunted House with the Intermediate School, Fall Fest Parade, Bakes Sales, Club meetings, Annual Thespian Induction Ceremony, attendance to the annual State Thespian Festival