General Infomation FBLA · FBLA Brings Back 23 Placers

FBLA regionals was a huge success again. We took 23 students this year to competition… last year we took 13. Last year all 13 placed, this year all 23 placed! We will now prepare for state in hopes to make it to nationals which is in Boston this year. Following are the results for regional FBLA. Congrats to these well rounded individuals and thank you to all the educators that have helped them succeed in events such as these!

Testing Events:
Accounting 1: Elana Schmelzle- 2nd place

Kiera Adams- 4th place

Ariana Fonseca- 5th place

Accounting 2: Rachel Binau- 1st place

Agribusiness: Alexis Brueggeman- 6th place

Business Communications: Chase LaMastres- 1st place

Business Law: Chase LaMastres- 2nd place

                         Mariah Behrns- 7th place

Cyber Security: Harrison Ducommun- 10th place

Health Care Administration: Madison Isham- 4th place

Insurance and Risk Management: Kiera Adams- 6th place

Intro to Business: Elana Schmelzle- 9th place
Journalism: Derek Dunn- 4th place
Organizational Leadership: Jessica Sharp- 9th place

Securities and Investments: Christopher Hempsmyer- 9th place
Skill Events:
Impromptu speaking: Katherine Thomas- 2nd place  

Intro to Public Speaking: MacKenzie Moldenhauer- 4th place

Job Interview: Ashlyn Lofgreen- 3rd place
Public Speaking: Derek Dunn- 4th place

Spreadsheet Applications: Chris Hempsmyer- 3rd place
Skill/Test Events:

Banking and Financial Systems: 1st place
(Rachel Binau, Madison Isham, and Sydney Martens) 

Entrepreneurship: 1st place
(Chase LaMastres and Asa Unruh) 

Hospitality Management: 5th place

(Mariah Behrns, Derek Dunn, and Emma Grandstaff)
Management Decision Making: 2nd place
(Mariah Behrns, Rylee Jones, and Arianna Fonseca) 

Management Information Systems: 1st place
(Trevor Reed, Quinn Dove, and Cari Johnson) 

Marketing: 1st place
(Sydney Martens, Elana Schmelzle, and Rachel Binau)

Sports and Entertainment Management: 1st place
(Derek Barton, Jakin Lefto, and Jessica Sharp)