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History Students Simulate Trench Warfare

VALLEY CENTER AUX GYM– (Journalism Club Staff) To culminate their unit, the Junior American History students took part in a WW I trench warfare experience in the auxiliary gym on Friday.  Each side (Central Powers vs. Allies) got to re-create war-like experiences from gas attacks, artillery barrages, trench foot, and “no mans land” combat. The […]

3rd-6th Grade Free Basketball Skills Camp @ Winter Warm-Up

VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL– In conjunction with the Winter Warm-Up the boys and girls basketball team will be hosting a FREE skills camp before the Middle School and High School basketball scrimmages.  Families are also welcome to stick around for a walking taco meal and to watch the Wrestling, Cheer, and Dance teams perform. Players […]

VCHS Drama Preps for Upcoming Musical

VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM– (Chris Paul, Journalism Club) “Don’t feed the plants” is a common phrase you will hear around Skid Row, as well as on the VCHS drama stage this fall as the Valley Center Drama Department has begun production on “Little Shop of Horrors.” The musical follows Seymour, a geek who pursues […]

Save the Date: Winter Warm Up

VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL– The 2nd Annual Winter Warm Up will take place Monday November 20th at the High School.  Wrestling will be in the Aux Gym and Basketball will be in the Main Gym.  There will also be performances by the Cheer and Dance Teams.  Admission is Free but you can purchase a walking […]

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The Real MVP’s: The Managers

Chris Paul (Journalism Club) VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL–As fall sports are reaching their midpoint, the staff at Hornet Studios wanted to recognize the unsung heroes behind the scenes:  The Managers.  We celebrate and acknowledge all of our players and coaches, but rarely do we recognize our sport managers that help make VC athletics shine. Managing […]

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Welcome to the Hornets Nest

VALLEY CENTER– Brianna Haas (Journalism Club) From “We can’t hear you” to “ I believe that we will win,” chances are you have heard an abundance of VCHS students decked out in festive gear, stomping and screaming in the bleachers of the District Stadium. This is the Hornets Nest. Although they are not a part […]

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Home and Away; Cheerleaders Keep Spirit Up

Top left: Kristen Coffman, Tori Hairston, Elizabeth Pierce, Madison Morisset, Rhyan Morisset, Mallory Feather, Chelsea John, Jasmine Shomaker, Lauron Birmingham. Bottom Left: Brynn Swank, Peyton Sones, Madison George, Haylie Breth, Caity Rice, Brianna Haas, Nadia Hairston. Photo Courtesy of Tony Weldon. Brianna Haas (Journalism Club) VALLEY CENTER SPORTS COMPLEX– STINGERS UP! Every football game the […]

VCHS Football Team Adapting to New Quarterback

  VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL- (Chris Paul, Journalism Club) Valley Center High School’s football team has had a very bumpy past when it comes to wins. That all changed last year when Valley Center had its first winning season in nearly 20 years. Under the guidance of coach Caleb Smith , the team ended its […]

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Back on the Grind: Day in the Life of Teachers, Coaches, and Sponsors

VALLEY CENTER HIGH SCHOOL–  (Journalism Club Staff Contribution) “Wake up, come to school, dominate, grade, crash” – Mrs. Leighton   With the days of summer in the rear view, the VC Journalism Staff wanted to know how the high school teachers are adjusting to life back at school. Three weeks in and no extended breaks […]

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All Angles Coverage From Hornet Studios

VALLEY CENTER DISTRICT STADIUM– (Journalism Club Staff)  It was a rain or shine show for the Hornet Studios broadcast team Friday night at the home football game vs. Salina South.  Dodging the rain and surviving a power outage sportscasters Bailey Burns and Jordan Anderson lead the coverage from the booth making their official Hornet Studios […]

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